Grain Bagging


  • Save On Labor Costs - One person can run a grain bagger and you never have to wait on a truck again because you can bag directly in the field and keep your combine running.
  • 9 Cents Per Bushel To Store Grain In Bags - vs. approx. $2 a bushel to build a bin.
  • Lower Fuel Charges - No unnecessary trips back and forth to bins.
  • No Property Taxes - on bags vs. property taxes on bins.
  • Save On Electric Costs - Grain bags do not need fans and they are virtually insect free.
  • Money Back - You can make money back if you ever decide to sell your grain bagger vs. very hard to sell a stationary grain bin.
  • Increased Profits - You can sell your grain when you are ready, even if your storage space is limited, thus you will make more profit if you sell when the market is right.


This machine provides grain compaction with no loss or damage to the grain. The Richiger R1090 10ft bagger can bag grain at a rate of approx. 39,000 bushels per hour and a 300ft bag can hold approx. 15,000 bushels of grain.


This grain bag unloader will unload grain at the rate of 13,800 bushels per hour. Some standard features include quick access hatch for drive chain lubrication and servicing, large capacity roller that can store up to 600ft of used plastic.

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